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"Great Course - Curriculum and instructors were excellent."
— Pierre Rouzeau, P.B.S.O.
"I recently attended your CPTED lighting class in Altamonte Springs. I would just like to say thank you for offering such a great course and had a really great experience. The course provided excellent content, variety, and knowledgeable instructors. I went from knowing almost nothing to I am ready to go. Upon my return I was immediately able to provide my company with a new invaluable resource. I put my knowledge and networking to use by interviewing, selecting, and understanding our lighting contractor."
— Ryan Morris, Privacy Manager
Pelican Landing Community Association
"Wonderful Class! I've Learned so much from instuctors & from other class members."
— Laura Dedenbach, Consulting Planner
"This class was very well thought out. Instructors were hand picked for a good reason. Excellent Job!"
— Joe Moore, O.C.S.O
"I totally enjoyed the course, great presenters and lots of useful information."
— Edison Williams, Winter Park PD
"This class was very useful and I learned a lot. I would recommend this course to any new SRO."
— Kaitlin Gonzalez, Winter Park PD
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