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Training By Regions

Florida is divided into four regions and a Florida Crime Prevention Training Courses have been developed within each location. The purpose of each location based training courses is to carry forth the mission, goals, and objectives of the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute at the local level.

west north central south CENTRAL REGION
Course TitleLocationStart DateEnd DateCost
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Update Sarasota08/04/201708/04/2017$160.00
Lighting as a Crime Prevention Strategy Sarasota08/03/201708/03/2017$160.00
Advanced Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design**PLEASE READ FULL COURSE DESCRIPTION Sarasota07/31/201708/02/2017$299.00
Crime Prevention Commercial Applications Altamonte Springs11/13/201711/17/2017$399.00
Crime Prevention Residential Applications Altamonte Springs09/11/201709/15/2017$399.00
Crime Prevention Commercial Applications Sarasota08/28/201709/01/2017$399.00
Florida Crime Prevention Practioner Designation Update Sarasota12/04/201712/06/2017$299.00
SRO Basic Training* Altamonte Springs07/31/201708/04/2017$399.00
SRO Advanced Training* Altamonte Springs08/02/201708/04/2017$299.00
Victim Services Practitioner Designation Clearwater Beach09/25/201709/29/2017$399.00