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"I recently attended the AGO Designation Training in Clearwater. Even though I have already been through designation 8 years ago, I have to say that this class was the best training, most inspirational speakers, and despite me thinking that I knew everything being in the social services field for almost 17 years, I have to say that I learned something new in every single session. It was one of the greatest experiences I've had as far as training and ignited my passion for being a Victim Advocate again."
— Tammy G, Victim Advocate
"Wonderful training with a great interactive aspect, great handouts, activites & supplemental Dvd's!"
— Martha Muller, Neighbor to Family
"One of the best trainings I've ever attended in my professional career!"
— Lissett Maldonado, S.L.C.S.O
"I wish I had this class my 1st yr of SRO!"
— Timothy White, H.C.S.O.
"I learned valuable information that will greatly assist me in performing my job as an SRO!"
— Chris Brown, H.C.S.O.
"Great class, will be attending Advanced CPTED next month."
— Joe Grammatico, Delray Beach PD
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