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"I am impressed at the training and emphasis the Florida Attorney General’s Office and the State of Florida puts on Crime Prevention they are way above the curve. "
— Mike Maycroft, Grand Rapids Police
"Probably the most informative training I have recieved!"
— Lisa Kaye, C.C.S.O
"I attended the Presentation with Power and found that it was extremely helpful.  I had to do a 45 minute presentation that was an annual event for me and the information that I got was great.  I was able to stir emotions and reach people without visual aids and visual aids were covered.   I know that if you take this class you will move to the next level in public speaking like all of us. I would have paid 5x’s the cost to get what I got.  Really don’t miss it!"
— Deputy Lou Minnis
"Presentations with Power certainly has the ability to assist you in changing the way you present, speak and direct the focus of  your presentation.  It’s not only a must for Crime Prevention and School Resource Officers but a must for any public speaker.  In addition to assisting with  presentations, this course is also a must for those who create and publish both confidential and public bulletins for any audience. Julian Franklin is not only hysterical, but he has a way of spinning your presentation in the most favorable light and in a positive no nonsense direction.  It was well worth the time and effort.  This is one course that I apply what I learned on a daily basis."
—Cpl. Marcus Camacho
"This training session was exactly what we expected. Very well delivered, great resource info, videos & teaching tools. Excellent! Excellent!"
— Dwight Hennigar, Halifax Regional Police
"I have attended several classes with FCPTI. Most for crime prevention and the others for victim advocacy. Overall we have had great instructors and the location were very good. I really enjoyed this class and can't wait to get back to share the art programs & new urbanism with Chief Baker."
— Gretchen Lorenzo, Fort Myers PD
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