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Course Details
Course Title:Family and Intimate Partner Violence Homicide
Start Date:02/19/2014
End Date:02/19/2014
Course Time:8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Course Number:520-14-02
Course Location: This course will be held at the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Tampa Bay Regional Operations Center, Auditorium, 4211 North Lois Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33614-7774
Course Description:
While all other criminal offenses have decreased, Florida has seen an increase in domestic violence murders. In addition, there has been an increase in stalking which is a frequent precursor to homicide. This course will discuss the factors that often indicate an increase risk of domestic violence homicide; how law enforcement and advocates can identify high risk cases; the InVest program; and various other programs to assist victims and survivors. Information will be provided on the national and Florida Domestic Violence Fatality Review teams, including the history, trends and how information is collected and assessed.

Matthew Dale, Director, Office of Consumer Protection and Victim Services, and Senior Consultant, National Domestic Violence Fatality Review Initiative, Helena, Montana