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Victim Services Practitioner Training

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG), Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute (FCPTI), established the Victim Services Professional Development Program to provide comprehensive victim services/victim advocacy training in the field of crime victim services.

Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) funds are utilized to support the Victim Services Professional Development Program courses that are provided by the OAG, through the FCPTI. In order to be considered for participation in this training at no cost, an individual must be affiliated with a Florida public or not for profit organization and provide direct services to crime victims.

  • Victim Services Practitioner Designation is offered by the Office of the Attorney General to recognize the competency and professionalism of individuals who complete the "Victim Services Practitioner Designation Training" course. Participants who complete the course receive training on the basic issues related to victimology, victims’ rights and the role of the victim advocate including ethical concerns. Emphasis is placed on legislative mandates, community resources and available services to assist victims of crime. Other topics include the impact of crime; crisis intervention strategies; cultural/ethnic issues; legislatively mandated services; and presentations on child abuse, homicide, domestic violence, sexual assault, identity theft, victims with disabilities and the elderly populations, cyber crime and children, and global victim issues. The designation of “Victim Services Practitioner” is currently valid for a period of 4 years from the date that appears on the participant’s certificate. To renew the designation, a “Victim Services Practitioner” must meet the Victim Services Practitioner Designation Renewal Requirements.

  • Numerous sixteen (16) and eight (8) hour courses on topics of interest to the victim’s discipline are offered to enhance the skills and abilities of victim service providers.

  • Special certificates and designations earned through the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute (FCPTI) should not be construed as a "Certification" from the Attorney General's Office.