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About Us

In 1982, the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute (FCPTI) was established (Section 16.54, F.S.) in the Office of the Attorney General as part of the “HELP STOP CRIME” program. The “HELP STOP CRIME” Program was originally housed in the Governor’s Office until 1976 when it was transferred to the Attorney General’s Office. The Bureau of Criminal Justice Programs was established within the Division of Victim Services in 1991 and provides statewide public education and training programs for law enforcement personnel, school resource officers, victim advocates and other interested persons on crime prevention initiatives, school-based officer programs, victim advocacy and related criminal justice areas.

Since 1991, additional program responsibilities have been placed on the bureau to include administering training through FCPTI in victim services, elderly crime issues, and school resource officer training. In addition, the following programs are administered through the bureau. The Crime Stoppers Trust Fund grant program, the Urban League grant-in-aid program, and the annual Office Of The Attorney General National Conference On Preventing Crime (formerly the Preventing Crime in the Black Community Conference), the Law Enforcement Death Benefits program, Safe Neighborhoods Act, the Convenience Business Security Act, and the Council on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys.

The goals and objectives of FCPTI are:

  • • Develop and maintain a standardized, comprehensive crime prevention, victim services, and school resource officers training curriculum throughout the state.
  • • Keep practitioners in the field of crime prevention, victims and school resource officers up to date on new prevention methods, ideas, and problems in crime prevention.
  • • Assist in making crime prevention an integral part of law enforcement.
  • • Continually develop and implement new and innovative training programs.

Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute

FCPTI courses are designed to provide comprehensive crime prevention training to Florida’s law enforcement community, school resource officers, victim advocates, citizenry and industry to enable them to control crime by denying criminal opportunity and behavior. Authorized in Section 16.54, F.S., the FCPTI Revolving Trust Fund is self-sustaining and is funded by tuition payments paid by training program participants.

Last updated: 08/27/2010