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Human Trafficking Practitioner Designation


In 2023, the Florida Human Trafficking Practitioner Designation was made available to human trafficking advocates and trained volunteers who fall under the requirements of FS 90.5037(1)(c) and (d).  Designed for employees of an anti-human trafficking organization whose primary purpose is to provide advice, counseling, or services to human trafficking victims and individuals who volunteer with an anti-human trafficking organization.

Initial Designation

To earn the Human Trafficking Practitioner Designation, a participant must successfully complete the 24-hour course of instruction delivered by the Office of the Attorney General, Bureau of Criminal Justice Programs and Victim Services, Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute.  The curriculum includes the following course:

Human Trafficking Practitioner Designation: This course explores human trafficking and how it has evolved over the years through the interaction with victims, law enforcement, victim services and advocates.  It also looks at the new Florida law that creates privilege amongst human trafficking victim advocates and trained volunteers with the human trafficking survivor. Students taking this training should have a fundamental understanding of victim advocacy and who are working with an anti-Human Trafficking organizations.

Students must pass a written examination at the end of the course. Upon successful completion the course, the designation of Human Trafficking Practitioner is awarded to the student by the Office of the Attorney General.

Maintaing the Designation

The initial Florida Human Trafficking Practitioner designation is valid for a period of three years from the date that appears on the Florida Human Trafficking Practitioner Designation certificate. To maintain the designation, a Human Trafficking Practitioner must successfully complete the 8 hours of online course work provided by the Office of the Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Summit. The Summit provides the Practitioner with current information on Human Trafficking issues and trends. Upon successful completion of 8 hours of the Office of Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Summit courses, the designation will be renewed for a period of three years from the date of the Summitt attendance.

For more information about the Human Trafficking Summit: https://www.humantraffickingsummit.com