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Florida Elder Crime Practitioner Designation


In 1986, the Attorney General’s Office began training specifically on elder issues with a series of one-day workshops across the state on “Fraud Against the Elderly.” This led to the design of a five-day “Crimes Against the Elderly” course that was eventually adopted by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) as an “Advanced” course. With a growing senior population, there was an increase in elderly criminal victimization such as financial exploitation, abuse and neglect. To meet the demand for further training and a designation, the Attorney General’s Office expanded training for law enforcement and those professionals who interact with this population on a daily basis. These courses provide participants with detailed information on the role of the law enforcement officer in combating senior crime, in establishing prosecutorial cases, and a comprehensive look at abuse and neglect.


To earn the Florida Elder Crime Practitioner Designation, a participant must successfully complete eighty-eight hours of instruction offered through FCPTI within a period of three consecutive years. The requirement includes the forty-hour Crimes Against the Elderly course and any two twenty-four hour elder courses offered by or co-sponsored by the Attorney General's Office. It is recommended that the forty-hour course be completed first. The following is a description of the required courses:

  • Crimes Against the Elderly is a forty-hour course with training designed to increase understanding of the laws affecting the elderly; recognizes specific crimes and the impact of those crimes; and familiarizes the participant with criminal justice and social service resources. A specific effort has been made to ensure that participants understand common perceptions associated with the aging process and develop the ability to recognize accurate aging process issues.
  • Aging Issues: A Comprehensive Approach is a twenty-four hour course that provides instruction on how aging impacts the community; comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approaches; determines differences in personal judgment; capacity to consent; addresses common addictions among the elderly; and common elder law documents.
  • Law Enforcement’s Role in Elder Crime is a twenty-four hour course with focused instruction on the role law enforcement plays in elder abuse prevention; understanding Florida’s residential facility system; abuse, neglect and sexual abuse of elderly persons; Florida law; and practical investigative techniques.
  • Co-sponsored Classes with The Florida Bar These classes focus on elder financial exploitation and enhance attendees’ knowledge and skills in formulating successful investigations and legal remedies. It strengthens the working relationship of Elder Law Attorneys, State Attorneys and Investigators in sharing critical information.

    Some of these classes include:
    "The Trusting Elder: Investigating Elder Financial Exploitation”,
    "Tools of the Trade: Building Elder Financial Exploitation Cases”,
    "Teaming Up Against Elder Financial Exploitation”,
    "Confronting Elder Financial Exploitation”,

Upon successful completion of the three required courses, the designation of Florida Elder Crime Practitioner will be awarded by the Attorney General’s Office.

To download a Florida Elder Crime Practitioner Designation Application, just click the link provided. Florida Elder Crime Practitioner Application


The initial Florida Elder Crime Practitioner Designation is valid for a period of three years from the date that appears on the Florida Elder Crime Practitioner Designation certificate. To maintain the designation, a Florida Elder Crime Practitioner must successfully complete the twenty-four hour Florida Elder Crime Practitioner Designation Update course offered by FCPTI. Upon successful completion of a Florida Elder Crime Practitioner Designation Update course, the designation will be renewed for a period of three years from the date of the Update course.

  • Florida Elder Crime Practitioner Designation Update is a twenty-four hour course which informs the practitioner of changes and updates them on new and the most recent elder issues and amended resources. The general format of the course is prevention, intervention and response to elder issues.

Special certificates and designations earned through the Florida Crime Prevention Training Institute (FCPTI)
should not be construed as a "Certification" from the Attorney General's Office.