Crime Stoppers Grant Programs

The Florida Crime Stoppers Act was passed by the Legislature in 1998. The Act establishes the Crime Stoppers Trust Fund by imposing as a court cost an additional surcharge of $20 on fines for criminal offenses to be collected by the clerks of the courts for all county and circuit courts. The Act serves to improve and support the official Crime Stoppers (members of the Florida Association of Crime Stoppers, Incorporated) and their crime fighting programs within the units of a local government of the state. The Act provides for enhancing public awareness of crime prevention methods and to train the public in personal safety principles, especially for citizens who live in, work at, or frequent locations having high crime rates. This year, the Florida Department of Legal Affairs awarded 26 Florida crime stopper organizations $4,397,272 to carry out the purposes of the Act.

Program Forms

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NoteNote:The "General Section" contains instructional information, forms, and files that are applicable to all Crime Stopper programs. The "Crime Stopper Grant Program Forms" contain each individual program's forms to be utilized for meeting the reporting requirements. It is recommended that all files be downloaded to your computer before using.

Public AnnouncementInformation: Crime Stopper programs may access their grant forms by utilizing their password that has been provided. Programs must download these files for use during the grant year. The Reference Guide for State Expenditures, the Compliance Supplement, and Detail for CSFA (Catalog for State Financial Assistance) 41.002 may be accessed through the Florida Department of Financial Services website.

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